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V-Wars Netflix TV Series 

Ian Somerhalder with V-Wars bookV-Wars Netflix TV Series 

Getting a film or television project can take years between the initial option to final production, but in the case of the Netflix TV series based on V-Wars, things are moving quickly! The series debuts on Netflix Thursday, December 5th. All episodes will be available for binge-watching! 

The pilot episode is directed by Brad Turner (Stargate Atlantis), with William Laurin and Glenn Davis (Aftermath) as the showrunners. 

So far the cast includes:

Ian Somerhalder stars in V-Wars as Dr. Luther Swann. Follow Ian on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and GooglePlus.

Read the first official announcement of V-Wars as a series and Ian's casting here.

Read the interview with Ian about V-Wars here.

Read the Hollywood Life interview about V-Wars and Vampire Diaries with Ian here. 

Read the update on release date, plot, cast, etc., here.

Jacky Lai plays Kaylee. Follow Jacky on Twitter and Facebook.

Adrian Holmes plays the 'patient zero' of the vampire plague, Michael Fayne. Follow Adrian on Twitter and Facebook.

Read the Hollywood Reporter article about Jacky and Adrian's addition to the V-Wars cast here.

Peter Outerbridge, who will play Calix Niklos. Read more about it on Bleeding Cool here.

Dylan Thomas (Orphan Black, Saw III, Hemlock Grove) and Trish Rainone (The Void, My Roomate's An Escort) join the cast of V-Wars!

Follow Dylan on Instagram here and follow Trish on Instagram here

To stay on top of updates and news, check in to the official Netflix V-Wars page and the V-Wars page on IMDB. You can also check the V-Wars series Wikipedia page, and these Twitter accounts: VWars TV, VWarsFans, and V_Wars.

Make sure to check back on this page; updates will be posted as they come in. 

To check out the book series, go here. For the comics, go here. For the action-packed board game, go here.

Had a fun, informative, hilarious, and occasionally silly afternoon with Ian Somerhalder, filming interviews for our upcoming show, V-WARS.

Check out this interview with Ian, Adrian, and myself, talking about why the vamps in V-Wars will chill you to the bone! 

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