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Orphan ArmyThe Orphan Army - Book 1 in the Series

Milo’s Louisiana bayou is overrun with alien bug invaders and magical creatures in this start to a new middle grade series.

In a world filled with Bugs—monsters that ceaselessly ravage the Earth—Milo Silk has a hard time keeping his dreams separate from reality. So he keeps them locked up in his dream journal and hopes they’ll never come to pass. But too often, they do—like when his father disappeared three years ago. Lately, the Witch of the World has been haunting his dreams, saying he is destined to be the hero who saves everyone. But all Milo can think about is how he fears the Bugs will attack his own camp, and bring something even more terrible than ever before.

What Milo doesn’t know is that the Earth is already fighting back with its own natural power in the form of Nightsiders, magical creatures who prefer shadows to sunlight and who reside in trees, caves, and rivers. And the Nightsiders are ready to find an ally in Milo.

On openingday of the new baseball seasona small model-kitairplane flies down from the stands and buzzes the mound, where a decorated veteran pilot is about to throw out the first ball. The toy plane is the exact replica of the one flown by the war hero. Everyone laughs, thinking it’s a prank or a publicity stunt. Until it explodes, killing dozens.
Seconds later a swarm of killer drones descendupon the picnicked crowd, each one carrying a powerful bomb. All across the country artificial intelligence drive systems in cars, commuter trainsand even fighter planes go out of control. The death toll soars as the machines we depend upon every day are turned into engines of destruction.
Joe Ledger and the Department of Military Sciences go on the hunt for whoever is controlling these machines, but the every step of the way they are met with traps and shocks that strike to the very heart of the DMS. No one is safe. Nowhere is safe. Enemies old and new rise as America burns.
Joe Ledger and his team are back in Jonathan Maberry's seventh book in the series. They begina desperate search for the secret to this new technology and the madmen behind it. But before they can close in the enemy virus infects Air Force One. The president is trappedaboard as the jet heads toward the heart of New York City. It has become PREDATOR ON

Praise for The Orphan Army

School Library Journal: "This story is told with all of the skill that Maberry brought to his "Rot & Ruin" series (S. & S.). Readers will instantly take to Milo, as well as Evangelyne and the other Nightsiders. The story flows well, and though it ends with a cliff-hanger, it is satisfying. Underlying themes center on conservation and bravery. VERDICT A must-have for fans of Maberry's previous books and middle grade sci-fi."—Chad Lane, Easton Elementary, Wye Mills, MD

"...With nods to literary greats--Joseph Conrad and Tolkien get their due--nearly every reader will find something to enjoy here. The Orphan Army is dark, deft, and daring . . . I loved it.” Ilsa J. Bick, best-selling author of The Ashes Trilogy and The Dark Passages Trilogy

Kirkus - starred review: "Maberry's prowess in fiction as well as comic books is evident in his well-crafted story, which balances over-the-top battle scenes with the quiet moments between characters that give substance to what could be a heartless thriller. This first book in an explosive new series is the perfect mix of science fiction and magic." 

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Vault of ShadowsVault of Shadows - Book 2 of the Series

Milo must choose between risking his life to save both the human and magical universes—or to live and save only his own—in the explosive and fast-paced follow-up to the first novel in the Nightsiders series, which Kirkus Reviews called “the perfect mix of science fiction and magic” in a starred review.

After joining forces with the magical Nightsiders and surviving a trip to the enemy Bugs’ Hive ship, Milo Silk still has a lot to fear.

The Huntsman has pledged a revenge worse than death on Milo, a group of nefarious fairies are bent on taking back Earth, and zombie-like holo-men are trapping humans for the Bugs to take. Even more unsettling is that the Witch of the World has disappeared and a mysterious boy is haunting Milo’s dreams in her stead.

But none of these threats compare to what may happen to the world if the humans and the Nightsiders don’t unite to fight for each other.


Praise for Vault of Shadows

“The Nightsiders is an earthshaking adventure brimming with non stop action and crawling with creepy insectoid villains. It’s impossible not to root for Milo Silk and his mysterious allies, a new generation of mythic creatures from the earth’s misty past, as they battle the voracious swarm. There’s plenty of magic, too: shape shifting and illusions, sure, but also the powerful spells cast by friendship, bravery, and heroism.” -Michael Northrop, New York Times bestselling author of the Tombquest series 

Kirkus - Starred Review: "... Magic, aliens, and now…zombies—a can't miss combination."

School Library Journal: A solid series installment; a must own where there are fans of the first “Nightsiders” adventure.


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