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From New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry, NecroTek is a gripping sci fi thriller full of ghosts, Gods, and a battle for the soul of humanity.

Neither cosmic philosopher Lars Soren, hotshot pilot Bianca Petrescu, nor the high priestess Jessica McHugh—Lady Death herself—can say quite where in the galaxy they are. But after an experiment gone horribly wrong, one thing is clear: Asphodel Station isn’t in orbit around Jupiter any longer. Worse, the monsters that live out here—ancient eldritch beings thought only to exist in stories and nightmares—have now been alerted to Earth’s existence.

Their army of Shoggoths is coming for us next.

Humanity’s only hope for survival lies on the surface of the alien world of Shadderal, where a ghost named Lost, the last of an ancient race, still haunts the vast plains of the Field of Dead Birds. But hope has a cost. Lost tells Soren about ancient derelict spacecraft awaiting on Shadderal, shapeshifting machines that blend ultra-advanced technology with the dark powers of necromancy. These ships might just be nimble enough to defend mankind against the coming invasion.

But there’s a catch: they can only be piloted by the dead.

As human starfighters fall in battle, their spirits can be called back from death to pilot these ghost ships of a fallen race. But will this new necromantic technology—NecroTek—allow humanity to stand against the vast armies of the Shoggoths? And even if it can, is the war to save the human race worth the cost of its pilots’ immortal souls?

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Praise for NecroTek

"Lovecraftian terror beyond the event horizon, complete with kick-ass space battles, gut-wrenching horror, and a diverse cast of fascinating characters caught up in the ultimate far-future war against cosmic annihilation!" - Greg Cox, New York Times Bestselling Author

"A two-fisted, non-stop action ride of a space thriller. You don't need to be a fan of space opera or military fiction to enjoy this mash-up of cosmic horror and Battlestar Galactica. Jonathan Maberry proves once again that he's a master of the craft." -- Alma Katsu, author of The Fervor

“With relentless pacing and ominous, evocative style, NecroTek is Jonathan Maberry at his best. Action, suspense, and cosmic horror collide in this cinematic tale of humanity facing off against powers it barely comprehends. Brace yourself: Jonathan Maberry just made space scary again.” —David Mack, New York Times Bestselling Author

“If Alien scriptwriter Dan O’Bannon had teamed with H.P. Lovecraft to write a novel, it’d look a lot like Jonathan Maberry’s NecroTek, a cosmic adventure that’s both pulse-pounding and hair-raising. In space, only the ghosts can hear you scream.” —Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of The Downloaded

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