Jonathan Maberry

Deep Silence: A Joe Ledger Novel

Dogs of war

Deep Silence - Book 10 in the series

Terrorists-for-hire have created a weapon that can induce earthquakes and cause dormant volcanoes to erupt. One terrifying side-effect of the weapon is that prior to the devastation, the vibrations drive ordinary people to suicide and violence. A wave of madness begins sweeping the country beginning with a mass shooting in Congress. Joe Ledger and his team go on a wild hunt to stop the terrorists and uncover the global super-power secretly funding them. At every step stakes increase as it becomes clear that the end-game of this campaign of terror is igniting the Yellowstone caldera, the super-volcano that could destroy America.

From the Publishers Weekly review of DEEP SILENCE: "Effortlessly blending cutting-edge science fiction, military action, and Lovecraftian horror into a memorable synthesis, Maberry delivers a story that starts strong and doesn’t let up until the end." 

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