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Ever wondered what to buy the person who loves the Joe Ledger series, but has all the books? Problem solved! 

Here's a link to my CafePress store, where you can get all sorts of items related to the Joe Ledger series and Rot&Ruin.  JonathanMaberryGear  

There are mugs, shirts, keychains, pet tags, and a number of other things available with the following designs:

DMS Logo for The Warehouse

DMS Logo for Echo Team 

Mr. Church's tagline "I have a friend in the Industry" (includes vanilla wafers)

Stay tuned for more items!

And from Rot & Ruin: 

Keep Calm and be Warrior Smart

Be Warrior Smartfeaturing original promotional artwork by Tony Vargas!

Jonathan Rot & Ruin Zombie Trading Card (because zombies were people too!)






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