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"In this unusual supernatural-tinged thriller, a recovering drug addict named Rain Thomas, haunted by the decision to give up her child for adoption when she was sixteen, has been fighting to get her life back to normal. That's hard to do when you hear voices in your head and you experience blackouts. Things get even harder when Rain comes across a pair of glasses with a crack in the lens. Through the crack, she see's images of a boy who is being chased. That boy looks like Rain's dead boyfriend and must therefore be her son. Are these images real, or just some hallucinations?"--Kirkus Reviews

 "Glimpse is the kind of book you finish and immediately want to read again. As soon as that last page is turned, there’s this kind of desperation, this feeling of “What if I missed something?” that might just be me making excuses for the fact that what I actually missed were some of the characters that I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to just yet…"  (for rest of review, go here) 

“Jonathan Maberry--a master of his craft--has written something exceptional with GLIMPSE ... a relentless and seductive book with real bite, and real heart. Rain’s courage inspires, and Doctor Nine will haunt our dreams.” –Rachel Caine, New York Times bestselling author of THE GREAT LIBRARY series

“Award-winning author Jonathan Maberry hits it out of the park with his latest chilling tour de force, GLIMPSE. He channels the best of Stephen King and Peter Straub to create a harrowing story of a mother and a lost child who are besieged by dark forces shadowing their pasts and futures. Raw and beautiful, detailed and explosive, here is a story that will haunt you long after you close the book.” —James Rollins, New York Times bestseller of THE SEVENTH PLAGUE 

“With GLIMPSE, Jonathan Maberry has crafted an extraordinary novel that transcends genre. He has created characters we long to know and touch; and a plot that twists and turns with each engrossing page. GLIMPSE is horror and a dose of fantasy. It’s also about people, the human experience, both the frailty and strength that may come to the fore under extraordinary circumstances. A must read for those who love suspense and horror--or, just a remarkably excellent work of fiction!” -–New York Times bestseller Heather Graham

“Jonathan Maberry knows how to turn words into cold sweat, and GLIMPSE shows him at his finest. Always one of our best suspense writers, Maberry delivers an engrossing, pulse-pounding novel about twisted lives and a determined, haunted woman readers will not soon forget.   You will be as captivated by his characters as they are captivated by their fears and their destiny.” –Kevin J. Anderson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of ETERNITY’S MIND.

“A woman suddenly discovers she is losing chunks of time and seeing things. Alarmed by specters glimpsed from the corner of her vision and the depths of her subconscious, she embarks on an unnerving search for answers, only to encounter a disturbing truth she could never have imagined. Eerie and evocative, GLIMPSE, by Stoker-award-winning Jonathan Maberry, is a nightmarish ride into the human psyche.” –David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of MURDER AS A FINE ART

“Maberry consistently delivers delightful dread, and GLIMPSE is his scariest yet.” –#1 New York Times bestseller Scott Sigler

“Nobody brings the pain in modern horror like Jonathan Maberry. He’s a master at the height of his game, and seeing what he does next is always an absolute delight.” –Seanan McGuire, NY Times bestselling author

“So scary I wished I could close my eyes as I read it—but I didn’t want to miss a word. The brilliant Jonathan Maberry—evocative, chilling and somehow terrifyingly knowledgeable about the dark necessities of the human heart—will grab you by the throat and not let go.  Fair warning--leave the lights on.” –Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha, Anthony, Mary Higgins Clark Award and 32-time Emmy winning author

"Where should I start?  I was hooked from the first word.  Rain's is a compelling story that had me on the edge of my seat the entire read.  This novel has on the components of a chilling yet fascinating read. Rain is a dynamic character whose vulnerabilities make her intriguing and reader's can't help but be entranced by her journey. Maberry does what he does best, write with purpose that is both satisfying for those wanting creative, well developed characterization, action, an interesting plot and enough creepy horror elements to have you sleeping with the lights on and checking all nooks and crannies for any number of evil creatures!"

I read in chunks and with the lights on to savor the experience and soothe my overactive imagination.  Maberry remains one of my absolute favorite authors. I devour everything he publishes and pine until I have another fix!
Final rating: ALL THE STARS!!!!!!
--The Linseyverse

"Glimpse is my second book by Jonathan Maberry, and I felt like I was taking a little bit of a chance because several years ago my attempt to read his book Patient Zero did not go so well. However, the premise simply sounded too good, and in the end I’m glad I overcame my hesitation to give this one a try because I really enjoyed it. In addition to being a blend of horror and the paranormal, this chilling story also has an element of otherworldly suspense that I think will make it appeal to fans of Joe Hill or Dean." For rest of review, go here. 
--The Speculative Herald 


"I love the genres of crime and horror. While great on their own, they combine together perfectly like a genre Reese’s Cup. Last year, while watching Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival series, I was reminded that much of my thoughts on the blending of crime and horror were shaped by the ’90s cult series. The way the show mixed the small-town shattering murder of a young woman with surreal, nightmarish figures and forces was enthralling and still captivates me today. So I really enjoyed Jonathan Maberry’s (another writer I’m a huge fan of who is an expert at combining horror with other genres like crime and action/adventure) new novel, Glimpse, which mixes crime and horror with surreal elements that would give even David Lynch fans the shivers. It’s a riveting fantasy/mystery novel and a moving tale about the power of love between mother and child." For rest of review, go here.
--Dave Richards, Criminal Element 

"I’ve been a fan of Jonanthan Maberry for a good number of years and was delighted to hear of this new supernatural novel independent of the numerous series, collections, comics or YA projects this prolific author is often involved with. I enjoyed it so much, I comfortably rank it alongside his finest adult works, Patient Zero, Ghost Road Blues, or Dead of Night. This mind-bender of a novel cleverly combines unsettling horror with supernatural thriller and fully deserves to pick up a wider audience beyond his traditional horror readership..." For rest of review, go here.
--Tony Jones, Horror Talk

“When you turn on the lights, the dark things just hide behind the chairs and under the bed frame. They don’t really go away.” The profound words pertain to recovering drug addict Rain Thomas, the protagonist of Jonathan Maberry’s novel Glimpse. Maberry penetrates Rain’s psyche with the precision of a skilled surgeon, locating the emotional equivalent of internal bleeding.

It would be an understatement to call Rain a “damaged” person. Ten years ago, at the age of 16, she gave up her baby for adoption. The infant’s father had perished while in the military. Rain also feels guilt for her own birth which, because of difficulties during labour, rendered her mother incapable of resuming a promising career in ballet. Though clean for three years, Rain experiences dreams and visions that would be considered hallucinatory. They involve a malevolent being known as Doctor Nine, a truly nasty piece of work: “He leaned his mouth against her ear, and his breath was like the fetid breeze from an open crypt. He smelled of things that rotted but did not want to die. His tongue, wrinkled and clammy as a worm, licked a slow, wet line along the outer edge of her ear, tracing its shape.” --For rest of review, go here.

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