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Library Journal: In 1968, director Romero's Night of the Living Dead, which depicted 48 hours of a zombie outbreak, took the movie world by storm. Here, author Maberry (Patient Zero) and Romero bring us back to those two days of the newly risen dead with this anthology of 19 tales. Along with original stories by both men, there are entries such as Joe R. Lansdale's "Dead Man's Curve," in which a brother and sister come face to face with the undead during a drag race, and Mira Grant's "You Can Stay All Day," about a young zookeeper. All of these stories highlight the fear, darkness, hope, and humor facing the living dead can bring. VERDICT Zombie fiction fans can't get enough of their favorite monsters, but this masterly collection of tales from some of today's greatest speculative writers will sate their appetite—for a while.
HorrorTalk: "This collection is a celebration of the man and the film that started it all, but also a recognition of everything that came after, of every movie and comic and novel. This is a celebration of horror and the careers that had their start after seeing the classic film. Simply put, if you’re a fan of horror, this has to be on your shelves."
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