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Mars One

Tristan has known that he and his family were going to be on the first mission to colonize Mars since he was 12 years old, and he has been training ever since. But knowing that he would be leaving for Mars with no plan to return didn't stop him from falling in love with Izzy. Now, at age 16, it's time to leave Earth, and he's forced to face what he must leave behind in exchange for an uncertain future.

When the news hits that another ship is already headed to colonize Mars, and the Neo-Luddite terrorist group begins threatening the Mars One project, the mission's purpose is called into question. Is this all worth it?

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Darkness on the Edge of TownDarkness on the Edge of Town

From New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Maberry comes a collection of five stories set in "the Spookiest Town in America" - including one brand-new story.

In "Long Way Home", a young soldier returns from the Middle East and discovers that there is another - and much stranger - war to be fought in his hometown.

In "Mister Pockets" a young paperboy discovers that a random act of kindness may have greater consequences - especially as night falls in Pine Deep.

In "Property Condemned", a prequel to the Pine Deep trilogy, young Malcolm Crow and his friends go looking for ghosts and find something much darker and hungrier.

In "Whistlin' Past the Graveyard", a cemetery worker in Pine Deep begins to suspect that the dead are not resting easy in their graves.

And in the new story "The Trouble", a direct sequel to the Pine Deep trilogy, Malcolm Crow thought he had destroyed the evil that had terrorized his town for 40 years. But a new series of brutal murders forces him to prepare for another battle with the forces of darkness.

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Strange Worlds audio coverStrange Worlds

In this new collection of five short stories from New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Maberry, listeners get an eclectic sampling of the writer's work - from SF parody to murder mystery and beyond.

"The Things That Live in Cages": An MMA fighter at the end of his career is offered the chance to stay young, fit, and stronger than ever - but the price is his humanity.

"The Death Song of Dwar Guntha": Two old warriors prepare to ride into battle for the last time to save the future of Barsoom. Set in the world of Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars, this story first appeared in the anthology Under the Moons of Mars.

"Plan 7 From Sin City": A 1950s seedy Las Vegas PI is hired to follow a philandering husband who may be selling atomic secrets to the Reds. This noir science fiction parody is a prequel to the worst movie of all time, Plan 9 from Outer Space.

"Clean Sweeps": A reporter accompanies a special ops team on a dangerous mission against space pirates.

"The Vanishing Assassin": Edgar Allan Poe's brilliant amateur detective Auguste Dupin is called in to investigate a savage murder perpetrated by an invisible killer.

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 Beneath the SkinBeneath the Skin 

A collection of short stories featuring Sam Hunter, from best-selling author Jonathan Maberry!

Sam Hunter is a bit of an animal. He's a former Twin Cities cop who lost his badge because of excessive force. Abusive husbands, child molesters, and other lowlifes wound up looking like they'd been mauled by a dog...or a wolf.

Now Sam's a low-rent PI in Philadelphia. He takes the kinds of cases no one wants. His clients are usually on the fringes of society. The kind who are prey for all manner of predators - human and otherwise.

When Sam takes on a client, they become part of his pack, and no one protects their own better than a werewolf. At least the kind of werewolf like Sam, who comes from a long, long line of Benandanti - also known as "the hounds of God".

Stories in this collection include "Like Part of the Family", "Toby's Closet", "Crazy Town", "We All Make Sacrifices", and "A House in Need of Children."

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Hardboiled Horror 

There's something out there in the dark. There's always something watching. There's always something reaching for you. Always. And sometimes there?s someone you can call. Someone you can hire. Someone who knows these dark streets and back alleys. Someone who knows how things work in this part of town. Private eyes who are often as dark as the things they hunt. Investigators who know how to look in the shadows for the things that go bump. Good guys but not always nice guys.

Hardboiled Horror collects fifteen original tales of noir mystery shot through with elements of horror and the supernatural. Occult detectives, paranormal investigators, seedy P.I.s, amateur sleuths and ghost hunters tackle the cases no one else can handle. The killer lineup includes Heather Graham, Kevin J. Anderson, Rachel Caine, Scott Sigler, Seanan McGuire Alethea Kontis, Jonathan Maberry, Chris Ryall, Dana Fredsti, Jim Beard, Jacopo della Quercia, John Gilstrap, Jon McGoran, Josh Malerman, Max Allan Collins & Matthew V. Clemens, Lois H. Gresh, and Nancy Holder. Edited by New York Times bestseller and five-time Bram Stoker Award winner Jonathan Maberry.

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Glimpse cover


Rain Thomas is a mess. Seven years an addict and three difficult years clean. Racked by guilt for the baby she gave up for adoption when she was sixteen. Still grieving for the boy’s father who died in Iraq. Alone, discarded by her family, with only the damaged members of her narcotics anonymous meetings as friends. Them, and the voices in her head. One morning, on the way to a much-needed job interview, she borrows reading glasses to review her resume. There is a small crack in one lens and through that damaged slice of glass she sees a young boy go running down the aisle of the subway train. Is he screaming with laughter or just screaming? When she tries to find the boy he’s gone and no one has seen him. 

The day spins out of control. Rain loses whole chunks of time. The voices she hears are telling her horrible things. And Doctor Nine, a spectral boogeyman conjured in drug-induced hallucinogens is now hunting her in the real world. And Doctor Nine is also chasing that boy. A boy who looks so much like Rain’s dead boyfriend. Unsure whether she is insane or if the world itself is broken, Rain begins a mother’s quest for her lost child through a world where reality and nightmare are in head-on collision. How far will one person go to save someone they love?

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The fears and horrors of being a new parent take on a shocking dimension in this heart-stopping original story, only from Audible. A young married couple, Matt and Gillian have just bought a gorgeous house located next to a lake in the Catskills. They want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to raise their baby girl, Hope, in relative peace and quiet. When night falls, however, their dream home becomes a house of nightmares. Matt and Gillian soon learn that darkness takes many forms. And sometimes, darkness is hungry...

New York Times best-selling author and Bram Stoker Award winner Jonathan Maberry delivers a haunting Audible Original that will give listeners the Halloween creeps all year round. Scott Brick, the man with the golden voice, perfectly captures the experience of hearing a classic ghost story told around the campfire.

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Patient Zero, a Joe Ledger Novel by Jonathan MaberryThe Joe Ledger Series

“When you have to kill the same terrorist twice in one week, then there’s either something wrong with your skills or something wrong with your world, and there’s nothing wrong with my skills.” - from Patient Zero

Baltimore detective, Joe Ledger is assigned to a counterterrorism task force, recruited by an ultra-secret rapid response group called the Department of Military Science (DMS) to help stop a group of terrorists from releasing a dreadful bioweapon that can turn ordinary people into zombies.

Multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author Jonathan Maberry delivers a first-round knock-out punch with Patient Zero, the first in a thrilling new series featuring Joe Ledger and the DMS. Part Max Brooks, part James Rollins, Patient Zero is 100% excitement.

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Patient Zero - Book 1

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Dragon Factory - Book 2

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King of Plagues - Book 3

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Assassin's Code - Book 4

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Extinction Machine - Book 5

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Code Zero - Book 6 

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Predator One - Book 7

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Kill Switch - Book 8

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Dogs of War - Book 9

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Joe Ledger: Unstoppable - Anthology 

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The Joe Ledger Shorts

Joe Ledger: the Missing Files

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Joe Ledger: Special Ops

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Dog Days: A Joe Ledger Adventure

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Zero Tolerance: A Joe Ledger Adventure

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Deep, Dark: An Exclusive Short Story

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Countdown: A Prequel Story to Patient Zero

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Material Witness: A Joe Ledger Bonus Story

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Dark of Night: A Joe Ledger Novella

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They are hunting us.

In this sweeping, threaded narrative of the global phenomenon known as the Vampire Wars, mankind is unwittingly infected by a millennia-old bacteria unknowingly exhumed by a scientific expedition in Antarctica. Now, in some rare cases, a person’s so-called junk DNA becomes activated. Depending on their racial and ethnic heritage, they begin to manifest one of the many diverse forms of the "others" that are the true basis for the legends of supernatural creatures. These aren’t your usual vampires and werewolves - it goes much deeper than that.

Conceived by Jonathan Maberry, V Wars features stories from various frontlines as reported by such contributors as Nancy Holder, Yvonne Navarro, James A. Moore, Gregory Frost, John Everson, Keith R. A. DeCandido, and Scott Nicholson - as well as Maberry himself, of course. The result is a compelling series of tales that creates a unique chronicle of mankind’s response to this sudden, hidden threat to humanity.


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V-Wars Blood and Fire - Book 2

It’s been one year since a virus triggered junk DNA and people all over the world started changing, becoming something else, craving blood. It’s been ten months since the word vampire stopped being something from old monster stories and Hollywood movies. It’s been six months since our world and theirs erupted into war, two since an uneasy peace was signed, and one hour since that peace was shattered. The war is here again—the vampire war. Our world will burn; our world will bleed. When anyone can turn, when every street is a battlefield, there is nowhere to run.

V Wars: Blood and Fire features all-new stories of the Vampire Wars by Kevin J. Anderson, Scott Sigler, Larry Correia, Joe McKinney, Yvonne Navarro, Weston Ochse, James A. Moore, and Jonathan Maberry.

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V-Wars:Night Terrors Cover

V-Wars: Night Terrors -  
Book 3 


The war is tearing our world apart. Instead of big armies with tanks in the field, the Vampire War is fought in the streets, neighbor against neighbor, family against family. Anyone can turn at any time. The blood hunger can suddenly appear in the middle of a kiss. The person who sleeps next to you every night could wake up in the dead of night... hungry. So hungry... 

V-Wars: Night Terrors collects all-new stories from the reporters embedded with the beats (humans) and the bloods (vampires). Each tale explores the nature of terror and peels back another layer of our comfort. Each tale bares our throat to the bite.

New York Times Bestseller Jonathan Maberry and his team of front-line storytellers bring you all-new tales of horror and heroism, of pain and delight, of deadly despair and soaring courage. The war between beats and bloods is blazing. Pick a side.

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Rot & Ruin, a novel by Jonathan MaberryThe Rot & Ruin Series

"Benny Imura couldn't hold a job, so he took to killing." from Rot & Ruin

In the zombie-infested world Benny has grown up in, every teenager must work once they turn fifteen, or they’ll lose their food rations. Benny isn’t interested in taking on the family business, but he reluctantly agrees to train as a zombie killer with his boring big brother, Tom. He expects a dull job, whacking zombies for cash. What he discovers is a vocation that will teach him what it really means to be human.

As Benny’s worldview is challenged again and again by the lessons he learns from Tom, he is forced to confront another horrifying reality: sometimes, the most terrible monsters are the human ones.

The Rot & Ruin series of young adult novels offers a terrifying future vision of the zombie apocalypse, brought to life through the rich emotional struggles of a teenager trying to find his place in a tumultuous new world.

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Rot & Ruin - Book 1

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Dust & Decay - Book 2

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Flesh & Bone - Book 3

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Fire & Ash - Book 4

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Bits & Pieces - Book 5

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Dead of Night, a novel by Jonathan MaberryThe Dead of Night Series

This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but a bite.

A prison doctor injects a condemned serial killer with a formula designed to keep his consciousness awake while his body rots in the grave.  But all drugs have unforeseen side-effects.  Before he could be buried, the killer wakes up.  Hungry.  Infected.  Contagious.

Small town cop Dez Fox and her partner JT are caught in a wave of murder as everyone they know and love die…only to rise again as the ravenous living dead.  If Dez and JT can't contain the plague inside the town limits, the infection will spread beyond all control.

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Dead of Night - Book 1

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Fall of Night - Book 2 

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Chokepoint: A semi-sequel to Dead of Night, originally published in Hungry Tales

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The Pine Deep Trilogy

Thirty years ago, in the days leading up to Halloween, a killer cut a red swath through the sleepy little town of Pine Deep, Pennsylvania. The killer was never caught. Only one man knows that the killer was not a man at all. Malcolm Crow looked into the eyes of the murderer and saw the monster beneath the skin.

Now, thirty years to the day, the killings have begun again, bringing with them a savage and unnatural blight. An ancient evil has awakened beneath the wormy soil at the edge of town. Soon it will cause an army of the dead to rise and attack the world of the living.

Fear the darkness. Lock your doors and pray.

en is coming and the monsters are already here…

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Ghost Road Blues - Book 1 

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Dead Man's Song - Book 2 

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Bad Moon Rising - Book 3

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Nights of the Living Dead

In 1968 the world experienced a brand-new kind of terror with the debut of George A. Romero's landmark film Night of the Living Dead. This was something new...and terrifying. Since then, zombies have invaded every aspect of popular culture. 

But it all started on that dreadful night in a remote farmhouse. 

Nights of the Living Dead returns to that night, to the outbreak, to where it all began. New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Maberry teams up with the godfather of the living dead himself, George A. Romero, to present a collection of all-new tales set during the 48 hours of that legendary outbreak. 

Nights of the Living Dead includes stories by some of today's most important writers: Brian Keene, Carrie Ryan, Chuck Wendig, Craig Engler, David J. Schow, David Wellington, Isaac Marion, Jay Bonansinga, Joe R. Lansdale, Joe McKinney, John Russo, John Skipp, Keith RA DeCandido, Max Brallier, Mike Carey, Mira Grant, Neal and Brendan Shusterman, and Sandra and Ryan Brown, plus original stories by Romero and Maberry.

Narrators include: Ray Porter, Stefan Rudnicki, Jonathan Maberry, Kasey Lansdale, Kristoffer Tabori, Rex Linn, Gabrielle de Cuir, Adenrele Ojo, Richard Gilliland, and Nicholas Guy Smith.

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Nightsiders Orphan Army old cover


Milo's Louisiana bayou is overrun with alien bug invaders and magical creatures in this start to a breathtaking series from best-selling author Jonathan Maberry.

In a world filled with Bugs - monsters that ceaselessly ravage the Earth - Milo Silk has a hard time keeping his dreams separate from reality. So he keeps them locked up in his dream journal and hopes they'll never come to pass. But too often they do - like when his father disappeared three years ago. Lately the Witch of the World has been haunting his dreams, saying he is destined to be the hero who saves everyone. But all Milo can think about is how he fears the Bugs will attack his own camp and bring something even more terrible than ever before....

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Hungry Tales

New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry presents a quirky collection of stories starring a whole cast of the ever-popular undead—including one story written exclusively for Blackstone Audio. 

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Tales from the Fire Zone

This collection of five diverse and highly entertaining short stories, straight from the ingenious imagination of New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry, includes one story written exclusively for Blackstone Audio. 


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